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Secrets You Should Know About A Rent To have Home Deal

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by September 14, 2017 Writing and Speaking

Which means you are tired of renting. You would like to own your own home, but you will not need a downpayment. Undoubtedly you’ve probably heard of “the perfect solution” – rent to own. But would it be really as perfect as everyone says – hardly. There are many secrets about rent to own properties you’ll want to find out about. These are most overlooked aspects of a rent to obtain deal. So why don’t we understand the truth about lease to have homes.

How Rent to have Works

So this is how it works. You are renting a residence with all the replacement for buy. You will find a lease that will typically last between Two or three years. The seller will also expect you to put some sort of upfront advance payment or option fee. Normally, this is 1 to 7 percent from the arranged cost. As well as the rent, you will be paying what is known as a Rent Premium or Rent Credit. This extra amounts put towards cost of the house.

Let’s wait and watch how a Salt Lake City, Utah rent to have is correct out. By January, 2017 the median rent for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in Salt Lake City is $1,500. The additional amount that you will pay towards purchase is negotiable. Generally you should expect to spend 20 to 50% over the market rent. For the sake of argument, let’s opt for 25% which can be about average. So you will pay $1,500 30 days in rent plus an additional $375 towards the purchase. Should your lease lasts 36 months, you’ll have a rent credit in the volume of $13,500. Median home values in Salt Lake City are $280,000. In the event you paid a 3% option fee of $8,400 and combined that with the rent credit, you’d obtain a deposit of $21,900 or 7.8%. Beneficial.

The Truth about rent vs buy

Would you like to be aware of dirty little secret few buyers in your position realize? In case you determine that you are unable or often unwilling to find the house following the lease agreement, you forfeit Every one of the money you have paid. That includes the Rent Premium and also the option fee. Gone. All of it. The seller keeps the cash and you get to call a moving van and start all over.

Selecting surprised on how many times this occurs. The customer might run into some difficulty with your house plus they want out. Money lost. The buyer might not be capable of be eligible for a home financing. Money lost. Or, think the seller doesn’t pay for the mortgage and also the property gets foreclosed on. Yikes! Money lost.

So, when you race to snap in the closest rent to own or lease option property, be sure you do your due diligence and have the house inspected. Take effect having a lender so that you can be eligible for home financing as well as for goodness sake, make sure you really enjoy the home.
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