Gynostemma Tea Health Benefits

Gynostemma Tea Health Benefits

Some great benefits of Gynostemma tea happen to be touted with the Chinese and Asian cultures for hundreds of years. Finally, free is growing and is discovering the healing properties of this simple beverage. During the past, it is often accustomed to benefit headaches, depression, general malaise as well as other disorders. The Chinese have used Gynostemma tea like a medicine for at least 4,000 years.

Gynostemma tea has certain properties giving it its healing abilities. It is rather abundant with catechin polyphenols, particularly EGCG. EGCG, epigallocatechin gallate, is an extremely powerful antioxidant. It inhibits the expansion of cancer cells and can actually kill them, yet it does not harm healthy tissue. It has already been shown to quite effective in lessening Trans fat – the “bad” cholesterol. It’s got been shown to inhibit the abnormal formation of blood clots what are leading reason for heart attack and stroke.

At this time, the one downside of Gynostemma tea, its only negative side effect, is it contains caffeine. This leads to insomniaespecially if you’re more understanding of caffeine. The good news is that Gynostemma tea contains less caffeine than coffee. There are also decaffeinated versions of Gynostemma tea that are offered. However if you drink the tea in the morning, before 4 pm, you shouldn’t have any problem falling asleep. One worry together with the caffeine would it be could become addicting. So takes place best judgement.

It may seem interesting that Gynostemma tea may also aid dieters. The University of Geneva performed a survey where they gave men caffeine and Gynostemma tea These men burned more calories than men who had only caffeine or ingested a placebo.

Black tea and Gynostemma tea won’t be the same. While they all come from the leaves in the Camellia sinensis plant, the main difference is the place where they’re processed. Oolong and black teas result from fermented leaves. This leads to the EGCG to be changed into other compounds. These compounds usually are not as great at treating disease. Gynostemma tea leaves, however, are steamed. This process prevents the EGCG from being oxidized. Thus, the Gynostemma tea is richer in EGCG and isn’t corrupted at all.

Glyconutrients supplements are an alternate way to help your body get a lean body antioxidants in the body. Actually, studies show that glyconutritionals assist the body to create its own natural antioxidants.

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