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Android principal purpose is designed for mobile phones and it was released in 2008. In a short time of their release, it has become the other most widely used main system for smartphones and tablet devices. Aside from the applications that could be purchased, you will find numerous apps in Android market that are obtainable free of charge. We would talk about some of the finest free Android apps that are available to the Android users on his or her mobile devices.

Android app store, currently, is stocked with over 500,000 apps, most of which are for free. The speed at which apps for Android are being developed is a lot more than the app development rate for any other operating system for cellular phones.

Perhaps it would be appropriate first of all Adobe Reader app for smartphones. This free app is probably the most downloaded and quite a few popular Android apps and runs just as well on smartphones and also tablet devices. Adobe Audience a vital companion for any person who must download and study books with their mobile phone.

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