1. Application

Drafted through the feedback develop online or by phone. The supervisor specifies what type of staircase you are looking at, its dimensions and experiencing supplies. Feasible departure of your measurer for the item.

2. Signing the agreement

It spelled out all of the terms and stages of work, you can find drawings and plans for that construction from the stairs.

In fact work has been finished in full conformity using the contractual requirements, the customer pays the entire price. It must be noted that right after the putting your signature on from the contract at the same time of employment, the cost is confirmed never to change, irrespective of the value dynamics. According to the project of each – only after planning they begin to lay the foundation and implement, to begin with, an individual drawing is drawn up.

3. Formwork

Specialists pick the right form of formwork for every single purchase. It can have geometric shapes that provide quality and strength. The monolithic body, erected by professionals, will ensure the durability and reliability from the finished staircase.

4. Steel body

We strengthen stairs with cable or stainlesss steel mesh. This can guard the structure from destruction after it is subjected to large tons.

5. Dumping cement

Our team uses top quality brands that are used for a lengthy assistance lifestyle.

6. Delivery of your thing

Once the concrete has hardened, we stock out additional doing and hand over the object for the client.


Concrete stairs have substantial reliability and durability.

They are certainly not frightened of the influence of exterior elements, as a result they can be mounted inside and outside the room.

Designed for substantial tons.

Stairs are not scared of seismicactivity and humidity, temp declines.

We develop ergonomic ladders which are comfortable for the elderly and kids.

Strolling within the stairs does not make any other seems, vibration or squeak.

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Antonio Dickerson

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