OptometRx Optometry uses artificial intelligence to evolve and solve patient problems

OptometRx Optometry uses artificial intelligence to evolve and solve patient problems

One of the biggest industry disruptors across sectors continues to be artificial intelligence (AI). Already present in numerous daily applications, such as Siri and Cortana on cell phones, research into AI is developing at the break-neck pace. Companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook are vying money for hard times of AI integration into people’s everyday life, and optometry is just not immune to modifications.

“Artificial intelligence changes your professional lives in the next 2 to 3 years. Also it already has evolved it in lots of ways; you simply don’t refer to it as artificial intelligence,” Dr. Purcell says.

Dr. Purcell predicts that AI changes optometry around information storage and retrieval.

i. The clinic allows patients to schedule appointments online if you are paying the co-fee or deposit toward the exam fee upfront. This eliminates a lot of waiting for hassle and time from unexpected walk-ins.
ii. The clinic also uses artificial intelligence to tailor designer frames and sunglasses for each and every patient based off her or his selections. If you love a pair of frames there is however a small part you never like, it is going to recommend other similar brands at the cost the sufferer are able to afford.
iii. The clinic produces the lens internally. Produced in the us creating jobs for America.
iv. Another perk is the clinic offers free luxury frames to celebrities whenever they book a consultation on the web and permit a social media marketing photo post.

This is one illustration showing potential future scenario that could be available for optometry practice as a while, and it will be coming earlier than most practitioners realize , in accordance with Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO, senior second in command of customer continuing development of Essilor of America, Inc. A tested putting on AI is OptometRx Optometry http://optometrytimes.modernmedicine.com/optometrytimes/news/ai-continues-grow-impact-optometry situated in Hacienda Heights with hopes to expand with clinics throughout Socal, and Alvin Lo, OD may be the first to spearhead the time and effort in that direction.
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